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           Brooklyn Public Library Announces Winners of Second Annual Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize
                                                                                  October 22, 2016
  Lockdown on Rikers WINS Nonfiction Award !!!
“By taking readers inside America’s best-known prison during an era when its most shocking abuses were largely unknown to the public, Mary E. Buser’s Lockdown on Rikers is both a work of literature and an appeal to the nation’s conscience in the tradition of Silent Spring and The Jungle...” said Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times editor and nonfiction committee chair Charles Duhigg.

Mary Buser's  book, "Lockdown on Rikers" (St. Martin's Press 9/29/2015), is the story of her 5-year experience in the Mental Health Department at New York City's Rikers Island.  From idealistic intern  who was going to "make a difference," to disillusioned assistant chief of the solitary confinement unit, Ms. Buser's journey chronicles life behind bars at one of the world's most infamous correctional complexes.

Since leaving Rikers, Ms. Buser has been an advocate for the incarcerated, especially the mentally ill and those held in solitary confinement. Her OpEd, 

"Solitary's Mockery of  Human Rights"
 was published in The Washington Post on 4/6/2014.

The following are interviews and articles about her book:

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